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Grace Notes Music



Dear Grace:

I accept you invitation to become a member of Grace Notes Music.  Singers finally have a home of their own.  I want to help support and advance the diverse projects for music and singers in particular.  Enclosed please find my tax-deductible membership contribution at the level indicated.

checkbox Yes I also want to receive all the benefits for my contribution level.
checkbox No, I would rather you use my total contribution to benefit Grace Notes projects and will take a 100% tax-deduction.

checkbox $25 Student

Patrons Circle

Angels Circle

checkbox $50 Individual

checkbox $500

checkbox $2500

checkbox $250 Jazz Cat

checkbox $1000

checkbox $5000





checkbox Other $_______


Checks should be made payable to:  Fractured Atlas,
with Grace Notes Music in the memo line. 
Please send contributions to arrive no later than December 26, 2009 to:
Grace Notes Music
PO Box 229 - Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025-0029

Thank you!