Grace Notes Music &
the Singers Center's
Spring & Summer 2013 Happenings

We wanted to update you on the Sheila Jordan Master Class event& introduce you to some of the new courses
The Singers Center is offering 
   2013 Kicked off with
NEA Jazz Master:SHEILA JORDAN's Master Class - 11 Vocalists performed !
Next up: Vocal Jazz & More Performance Prep Course to Sit in and Sing Anywhere
  Some of the other courses are:

  • The Gig Series
  • Lush Lives: a History of Vocal Jazz (celebrating International Jazz Day 4/30)
  • Conquer Your Fear of Singing
  • Want to Scat - Here It's At
  • Musicianship 4 Vocalists
  • Staying in the "Profit Zone
  • Taking advantage of Social Media 
  • Career Coaching (individual)
    Plus a special discount on private lessons and more... 

Visit the Singers Center for more information
Thanks and Warm regards ~ Music makes me smile with  my heart ~